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Tuesday, November 14, 2006 

SuperOyster wins 3rd Place!

I’m writing this blog from the athletic director’s office of a well known college football powerhouse. It’s been an interesting week for sure.

Last Thursday, SuperOyster was one of only 7 companies chosen to present at the TiE Funding Forum. 50 companies had submitted entries to present, but only 7 of us made the cut. These 7 companies were then provided 5 minutes to pitch our business to an audience of 300 investors. Talk about stress! Five minutes is a extremely short period of time to discuss the disruptive platform we’ve developed! Well, as luck would have it, my presentation was good enough to earn us an honorable mention (3rd place!) for the event. That’s a huge win for us! Time will tell if that will actually turn into investment dollars – I’m hoping that it will.  Most people say we have one of the best ideas for ticketing since StubHub and RazorGator broke ground.

I also met with the marketing director of well known NFL team today. That went really well, as we are now discussing how to pitch our concept to the rest of the organization.

Tomorrow, I’m back in the Northwest, but I’ll be in Vancouver BC at the Canadian Financing Forum. Hopefully that will go as well as last week’s event. 2 more pro teams, each from different leagues, have agreed to meet with us. So, I’ll be on another plane again in 48 hours. It’s been a real exciting time, and I expect it to continue to be a wild ride.

More from the road as it develops!