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Friday, November 17, 2006 

PlayStation 3 Launch - Sell your position in line

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m on the East Coast meeting with a few teams regarding the SuperOyster platform. As luck would have it, the PS3 was released in the US today. Funny, our platform is designed to facilitate the exact phenomena I am witnessing here in mid-town Manhattan – people are being paid for their physical position in line at game retail outlets for the right to purchase the PlayStation 3.  I didn’t believe the news articles at first, so I went down to GameStop in Herald Square to confirm that yes, the going rate for a position in line was $500.   The same thing happened for the XBOX 360 launch, so I’m not surprised that it’s happening again.

Many people have asked me if this is ethical? My response is that I don’t know, nor do I really need to have an opinion. The market is real, and we are the only platform designed to take advantage of it. In our platform, the merchant even has an opportunity to participate, thus it’s a win-win-win situation. This whole scenario can be leveraged by the masses to generate profit for the merchant, and we have the pending patents to make it happen.

So this goes out to all perspective merchants… why not take participate in this market? Facilitate and embrace this market, and your customers will be happier.  This market will exist whether or not you choose to embrace it, so why not help your customers and make a little bit of money for yourself?