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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 

You too can play with our code

Our Alpha has been out for a week or so, and we’ve decided to open it up to the rest of you all. Do you want to take a peak? Well here are the directions for trying it out. Keep in mind that this is an extremely early alpha and it is designed to just provide a snapshot of what we are doing. Nothing on this site is even close to being ready to ship.

This alpha is broken up into 3 separate parts to demonstrate how a merchant might utilize our system. The first part is a season ticket waiting list for a fictitious professional football team called the “L.A. Stars”. This list has over 200 people on it, and has an active marketplace. The second demonstration is a fictitious marina that has a multiyear wait to acquire a slip for permanent moorage. It’s a smaller list, but it works just the same but with a slightly modified shell. The final demonstration is a generic list that has no shell and no real activity. The point of the third demonstration is to show how our interface is designed to live within another merchant’s website. We have purposely left off the shell.

The workflow is such that a new user would arrive to our system via another merchant’s website. For example, if you were browsing the “L.A. Stars” football site, and you wanted to buy season tickets, you would be directed to our system to add yourself to the waiting list for season tickets. Thus, you’d either add yourself to the end of the line or perhaps buy a spot from someone else….etc.

As you’d expect with any Alpha, there’s a bunch of issues that we have yet to resolve. A lot of these will be fixed or redesigned within the next couple months. The latest set of release docs can be found at http://www.superoyster.com/alpha.htm . Please review this document BEFORE accessing our system.

You can log into our system at: http://alpha.superoyster.com/about .

Questions/Comments/Concerns? Direct them to info@superoyster.com