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Thursday, May 04, 2006 

You have to wait for space

Don’t know if you are into space travel or not. I think it’s pretty darn cool. Ever wonder what it would be like to travel in space? I dream of activities like that, though everyone already knows that I like to get high. Anyway, Virgin Galactic has been offering flights into space aboard their new fleet of spaceships.  Yes, that sounds so Star Treky, but you know what…? They already have a waiting list of people who want to go into space. Sure, the flights don’t start til 2008, and you’ll have to mortgage the house if you want to go. However, what if you wanted to be part of the first Virgin flight into space? (sorry about the pun) The first flight or even the second promises to be historic! Well, considering that there is a waiting list, you’d have to find a way to purchase a spot from someone else at the top of the list. Unfortunately, Virgin does not implement SuperOyster’s patent pending service which helps people bid for positions on a waiting list. Too bad, you may just have to wait til the next historical event takes place.

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