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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 

Alpha is RELEASED!

Vamshi and I started writing code on a part time basis last year. By February, we had Peter working full time while Vamshi was filling in the gaps between rounds of golf. I’ve now been playing CEO / Program Manager /Product Manager/ HR Specialist /COO/ Accountant / Evangelist / Lawyer / Software Tester as well. There’s also been help from a myriad of others – too many to mention. Well, today all of that work can be seen by the world, as we finally released our Alpha. This release is a great stepping stone for the direction we are heading. We are all super ecstatic to achieve this milestone and move on to Beta. Whew!

Our Alpha demonstrates how the service can be “white labeled” for any merchant’s website. We demonstrate this in three manners. The first is simply a version of the service running without a shell – just the SuperOyster UI is present. The second demonstration exhibits the service within the realm of a fictitious professional football team that has hundreds of people on its season ticket waiting list. Finally, the third site shows how the service could be leverage by a marina which has a multiyear waiting list for permanent moorage.

This is another screenshot of the Alpha without a merchant’s web shell.

I’ll be stepping away from the code for a few days to focus more on customers, namely merchants. We have a few leads, and we have to generate a few more. I expect a whole slew of customer activity over the next month that should generate one or more LOI’s.

If you are interested in playing with the Alpha, or you want to talk to us about leveraging our service, please feel free to contact me (Matt Kowalczyk) at info@superoyster.com.

I think I need a vacation. :-)