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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

SuperOyster.com advances to CIE Sweet Sixteen!

SuperOyster.com has moved into the sweet sixteen round of the Univesity of Washington CIE Business Plan Competition. On April 17th, Peter, Leo and myself participated in the CIE Trade Show where we presented to 125 investors. Each investor was given 1000 “CIE Dollars” which they had to invest in at least 5 different companies. The top 16 earning teams moved on to the next round where we do a full presentation to investors. This happens at the end of May at the Bell Harbor Conference Center.

To participate in the Business Plan Competition, we had to submit a full business plan. Then the judges picked the top 32 plans out of around 60 or 70 submissions. The teams that created those 32 plans then advanced to trade show.

For the trade show, we brought my 42” plasma display where we had a flash animation demonstrating the concept behind our business. We also brought props that signified potential markets that we could monetize, including an XBOX 360, a bottle of Leonetti wine, a NASCAR model, a Seattle Seahawks charter ticket holder football and a cabbage patch doll. Even though we didn’t have the flashiest booth we were able to gain a significant crowd. Here’s a blurry photo of the booth that I took with my phone.

Now that we have our official blog operational, I wanted to take a few moments to thank everyone who has been helping us over the last year. Investors and friends alike have been generous enough to spend time to give us a good start, now all we have to do is go out deliver.

Get down with ya bad self!!!

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